Camera Package #1

Panasonic HPX-500 2/3″ Camera
Fujinon 17×7.6 2x Zoom Lens
Varizoom Remote Zoom Control
Oconnor 1030b Fluid Head
Oconnor carbon fiber tripod
Sony LMD 9050 8” High Definition Field Monitor
B4B Lithium Batteries & Field Charger
Panasonic HPG-10 data transfer device
Panasonic P2 Digital Media Cards, 16 GB
Panasonic P2 Digital Media Cards, 32 GB
Tungsten Lighting Kit
Audio Package

Camera Package #2

Canon 5D Mark II Camera
Internal Camera Batteries (3)
Anton Bauer remote battery adapter
AC Power supply
Genius Rail System
Cartoni Focus 100 Fluid Head
Oconnor carbon fiber tripod
Camera Slider
SmallHD 8” HD hdmi field monitor
28mm 1.8
50mm 1.4
16-40mm 4
24-70mm 2.8
70-200mm 2.8
Hoodman Eyepiece
ND & Pola Filter Set
RedRock Micro Follow Focus
16 GB Compact Flash Cards (4)
64 GB Compact Flash Cards (1)

Audio Package

Sennheiser MKH 416T Shotgun Mic
Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic
Softie Blimp & Grip for Shotgun Mics
K-Tek 12′ Boompole
(2) Sennheiser G2 Wireless Receiver/Transmitter Sets
(2) Sanken COS-11 Lavalier Mics
Sound Devices 302 Mixer
Boom Bracket, Cables, Rigging

Lighting Equipment

(standard lighting package includes any 5 lights with grip gear)
500-1000 watt Photoflex Silverdome Softlight, 36” (2)
500 watt Photoflex Silverdome Softlight, 24” (2)
fabric “eggcrate grids” for Silverdomes
Arri 650 watt fresnel spotlight (2)
Arri 300 watt fresnel spotlight (2)
Arri 150 watt fresnel spotlight (1)
Mole Richardson Baby Baby 1000 watt fresnel spotlight (2)
Mole Richardson Baby Junior 2000 watt fresnel spotlight (1)
Ianero Blonde 2000 watt open face spotlight (1)
Mole Richardson 2000 watt “zip” softlight (1)
FloLight MicroBeam LED 1024, AC or DC (1)
FloLight MicroBeam LED 512, AC or DC (1)
LightPanels Micro LED on camera light (1)
25′ extension cords (8)
50′ extension cords (2)
dimmers (2)
Road Rags 18 x 24” collapsible flag/net/silk kit
Road Rags 24 x 36” flag
Avenger Light Stands, small (3)
Avenger Light Stands, large (3)
Matthews 40” Turtle C-stands with arms (3)
Avenger 40” Aluminum C-stand with arm (1)
Foam core
Blackout Fabric, 48 x 84” (2)
Flex Fill
Gels (small assortment of colors, correction & diffusion)
Spring Clips (#2 & #1)
Tool Kit (Knife, screwdrivers, Gaff Tape, Allen Wrenches, Wrench, etc)
Norms Lightweight Combo Stands (2)
Magliner Senior with shelf (1)
Rock ‘N Roll Cart with shelf (1)

Time Lapse Camera Equipment

Nikon D200 Cameras (3)
Internal Camera Batteries
External 12-volt Adaptors (3)
Custom Environmental Housings (3)
20mm f2.8
11-16mm f2.8
35-70mm 2.8
50mm 1.4
85m 2
105mm 2.5
300mm 4.5
Mumford Time Machine camera control
Nikon MC-36 Multi-Function Remote (3)


EyeDirect® 16×9 Camera Attachment (for direct eye line interviews)

Studio: 1000 square feet, hardwood floors, 12′ ceilings. Not a soundstage, but useful for table-top or short stand-ups.